Be prepared for every eventuality with the Range Rover Sentinel, the purpose-built armoured Range Rover built to survive multiple types of terrorist attacks. Courtesy of Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), the Sentinel looks like a Range Rover Autobiography, but features one ton of armour plate and glass to protect the occupants from a terrorist attack and keep the car mobile under extreme circumstances. This stunning SUV combines protection with luxury, keeping occupants comfortable and safe at all times.

As one of the only Jaguar Land Rover retailers in the UK that has a dedicated Military and Diplomatic team, at Hendy Military Sales we understand that ordering a Range Rover Sentinel deserves a certain level of service, and we have worked with many countries and organisations to make the order process as smooth as possible.

The Range Rover Sentinel is bullet-, fire- and explosion-proof, making it a very safe place to be. The car's added core strength comes from a specially developed six-piece armoured super-high strength steel passenger cell. On top of this is a heavily armoured bodywork that can withstand penetration by 7.62mm high-velocity incendiary bullets, 15kg of TNT, VR8 ballistic threats and DM51 grenade explosions. The glass is also bulletproof, and the driver's window features a slim 100mm opening, designed to allow documents to be passed through without compromising passenger safety.

The Range Rover Sentinel boasts an off-road capability that cannot be matched by armoured saloon car alternatives. It can wade through up to 700mm of water, and an improved departure angle increases its ability to tackle inclines. The bespoke wheels come with a built-in run-flat system, allowing the SUV to cover up to 30 miles at speeds of 50mph even if one of the tyres is punctured. The 2019 incarnation of this luxurious armoured vehicle boasts an upgraded engine - the larger supercharged 5.0-litre V8 mill comes with a grand total of 375bhp, taking you from 0 to 62mph in 10.4 seconds - the Sentinel will get you away fast.

The Sentinel's features ensure optimum protection in the event of an accident or attack. Airbags and active seatbelts keep occupants secure on impact or rollover, and, if the doors are unusable and a quick escape is needed, occupants can exit the Sentinel securely through the armoured emergency escape panel.

The Range Rover Sentinel also gives you protection because of its virtual anonymity - the vehicle's armoured credentials are virtually invisible. Inside, it maintains the breadth of capability, uncompromising luxury and assured on and off-road performance expected of a Range Rover.