Experience the pinnacle of luxury with the Jaguar XJ Diplomat offers

The XJ is Jaguar's pinnacle saloon car, the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics, and opulent luxury. You never just travel in Jaguar XJ, you are transported to another place. Plus, with its authoritative and elegant teardrop shape, no won’t travel unnoticed.

Key Features

Interior luxury

Jaguar XJ redefines what a luxury car should be. It’s a dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power. Jaguar's sporting character is present in the controls and architecture surrounding the driver including the leather-wrapped, three-spoke steering wheel that offers key controls at your fingertips.

Inner calm

Exceptionally luxurious, you’ll discover a quality of craftsmanship throughout the Jaguar XJ interior that will resonate long after exiting the vehicle. Drivers will feel a sense of calm while they navigate, while, for the passenger, the cabin is built for stretching out and relaxing.

Moving design

The XJ stands out. Its assertive styling includes an imposing, upright front grille with mesh detail, powerful full LED headlights and eye-catching LED tail lights with a distinctive pinstripe graphic. Its powerful character is reflected in the low, wide stance and long, taut waistline.

Beauty. Strength. Agility

The XJ’s eye-catching shape is the result of exhaustive computational modelling where aesthetics and aerodynamics work together. The excellent power-to-weight ratio improves all aspects of performance and the monocoque construction offers increased rigidity for improved handling as well as excellent safety benefits.

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